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Four Ways in Which Employee Engage in Fraud and Ways of Tracking Them down
Most employees take stealing things at their working place as something that is normal and thinks that they have the right to take them secretly. Business owner will suffer deficit most of the time because their employee commit theft and act like they don’t know anything and when a business is making more losses than profits then there is no business taking place. If you are an employer and you have had fraud cases where the various way in which you can be able to note if there is any fraud in your business. Read more about these ways in the points below.

One of the first kinds of fraud is called the time theft. This is a moment in which employee gets an opportunity to do something especially if there no one watching them. When there is no one to order the employee around they will see things on their way because they will think that you have made the fraud time available for them. Fraud can also occur when you have late for work and the employee obviously arrived before you, and instead of doing what they are supposed to do they will do something else with that time that you not available, theft can also occur during overtime when the employee is left alone. It is essential as the owner of the business to always be available at all time to ensure that time theft is not practiced.

Fraud can also be committed when people enjoy free services which could have been paid for. One the way that your employee can misuse your services is asking for a ride from your vehicle that is used to do other services of transport but not for traveling. This is also a form of fraud, they can even use a parking area that is supposed to be used by the customer for their use, and your customer will be unable to get that service. Find articles that explain how fraud in e-commerce can happen.

An the employee helping someone to do theft is also a form of fraud. It is not a must that your employee take something from your business that is tangible for them to commit fraud. Sharing information about certain actions that are about to happen to outsiders is also a form of fraud. The assisting fraud happens when one your employee shares information to outsiders and the information leads to something getting stolen, even if he did not actively involve himself he still assisted in the fraud act.

Giving the wrong information about their background can also be a form of fraud. Many employees shy off from telling the truth of where they originated from. Employee always give false information because they want to have a good image in front of their employers. Try to find some clue about their past some either the details that appear on their important documents such as CVs.