sales for black friday 2015

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black friday deals nike
black friday deals nike
black friday deals nike
black friday deals nike

black friday deals nike

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Apple Stock Soars High Then Drops During special occasion Video I'm Michelle Franzen in New York Wall Street closes on this Tuesday September this is story stock and the only company anyone is expounding on Apple investors were watching closely as CEO Tim Cook took concise in Cupertino announcing all their next big things from a cutting edge tech company.

Here to break Apple's stock execution as the day and the bulletins war on Aaron task from Yahoo! Monetary good evening Aaron. Good morning at 1 PM eastern Apple Stock is committing around 100 dollars a share. Let's put up that livestock charted what actually taken place when he brought up the new iphones. Have the ability to. Was the the stock rally as Tim Cook started conversing and Apple's event got under way. And it really peaked. Just over a 103 dollars a share when they were mentioning apple payments apple pay. The new digital wallet that some may throw out and then you see sold off into the close. It finished down a it's really did better than all round market today the sales for black friday 2015 Dow down about points. But there was of course a cell the news reaction. And once the notices lost. And people got start contemplating what apple is offering and they said in this is pretty good but this is pretty much what we expected. So yes apple pay came out and it look like it rebounded there aren't particularly because of the news about the credit hacking. And this of course as you mentioned was a big hit are you will still surprised though to see if compared bicycles at apple and it down. Although. Actually the history is that apples that always falls in the day of their big product reports. On because it as was the case these times there's so much In targets going into the stock was up about 30%. Mainly because the spraying in the big run To this launch and so. Unless they come out with some thing nobody expect there people said wow that is actually the most wonderful incredible thing. I've ever seen before a lot of main points claimed today was RD priced into the stock. And you could argue that the fact it was only down forty cents tells you that they did a important job with what they did house. And one of those things that happen to be wow this is pretty hot is the hot holiday gifts possibility the apple I watched. Buyers reacted to it house. Well I I think the general reaction was well they it's a beautiful it's the most wonderful wearable. Technology anybody's ever seen is in fact a watch the as opposed to just being a piece of technology. They got really kudos from that in Cupertino. At the news we had some reporters things if you were standing and cheering and even. Grizzled reporters were caught up in an a good time in it was just so beautiful they they were confused and overcome. But the starting price is 349 dollars and it's not be have been about for Christmas is not going on until early next year so that it. Yeah exactly or coupon handmade your stocking I think that's what lots of people rrs going to be seen. black friday sales list So take time for investors to sort of digested all to you mentioned that Apple's stock usually drops on the black friday best deals 2015 day need to be see what the buzz centered on. How well they I think they know what the buzz is about now weather resistant see what the truth is the phones are gonna hit shelves next week. Kinds of sales to they do you an stock sells off. Day one that the phones may be found say well wasn't that big a deal that apple comes out when there. Numbers over the last weekend in the next Monday there a lot more phones and I thought in the rally again. Do not take cooking thing for investors to know is that typically speaking apple does sell off at about the time of these phone announcements and iPod announcements as well. Within six months later the average while they launched the iPhone in 2007. As are up over 20% six months later so it's way too to pass judgment on how your market step to this and history shows. They you're better off holding apple through this volatility around the products they're getting too engaged with what it doesn't any one or days and that's. What I want to do expand upon of course apple long been such a darling. Of Wall Street did anything happened today that might Bruce the apple and that would that would bruise the image unless you know your are cynical and you think well you Q are they still nice and if you know they. The veracity that the isn't going on sale until next year and they me they did some amazing things did some really good things today. You are two different phones a bigger screen size something you require to do to sort of play catch up. Where new straight talk. Happens to be. But they did not do any situation that apple TV they did not do anything virtual reality which Samsung has already playing in FaceBook just. Bought populist left so everyone find. Problem but I think overall reaction was that this was a very good day for apple and merchandise where where. Greeted more than likely by the the tech community that was there the real gadget geeks were very pumped up about. And real quickly let's just talk about that apple system real quickly how Is that being received since in light of all the conditions that we've seen across the board for businesses. Well that's what's worth it to read is this is potential huge game changer for apple this is where. They would help create a market that to now hasn't really moved the needle at all there are. Mobile wallets out there there are these apps out there like PayPal the PayPal that's one. And it did less than 1% of all US retail last year so might huge position here. And apple has eight 800 million private credit information on file through iTunes so in theory. Your phone or that or the apple watch you could just be swiping that. I'm at a retailer and instead of having to dig into your pocket or your pocketbook and finding your wallet in finding the right credit card. They're best black friday online deals gonna say it's gonna make it played much easier to understand it was supposed to be more secure her act right well that's the think he can they make it more secure because you Your fingerprint to activate this and there's other security built into it a number of questions on the NFC technology that's being used here frequency channel. Whether that's really not forgetting hackable. But it except for it say it behavior change that they are gonna have to get people to I'm sure people younger than when he. Are gonna be doing and and certainly my kids were very young you know ten years ago that what what's that daddy why you have credit lines.

But let me ask for apple changed exactly that's and that is exactly thinking here they can do that it's a huge chance for them. Aaron event of hotmail! Finance nice combining us. This records has been right away generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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