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And the Odeon theatre too On saturday, I wrote in regards to dispute over the impeding demolition of the old Bank of Montreal building, Which supports at the southeast corner of Jasper Ave.

But in 101 St. The column that you read here provoked a strong response from readers. (You see among those comments at the end on the column. Other results came in to me via twits, Hub pages or myspace, And significant old email. They argued that the house and property is ugly, It a derelict eye sore, That it adds certainly not even attempt to thestreet lifeof Jasper Avenue, That it would be way expensive to retrofit it, That we need new incident on Jasper, And that I standing contemplating progress. Some praised the look of the proposed two story podium that would top the planned three level metro parkade. Proper without reluctance, It respectable. Beauty functions a eye of the beholder. People and I be among them think that the BMO63 building is a strikingexample of 1960s modernism, An authentic and unique Edmonton design icon. Others told me if ever the teal tile and pink gneiss remind them of 1960s bathroom fixtures, And they can wait to see the property go. What normally at issue here, Absolutely, Isn just home tastes. Is a three storey undercover parkadeon Jasper Ave. And in many cases as 101 St. Really the most important, Best use of one of the city main pieces of real estate? If you already don care much about heritage structures or civic history, Even assuming you have no affection for or gratitude of BMO63 charms, Is it really enough desire to have this building knocked down and replaced by a parking garage? Even one that promises to undertake a lovely roof top garden? Do we should encourage downtown car culture, Particularly in a block quite well served by LRTas well as buses, Especially at an occasion when we trying to expand LRT to alot more parts of the city? I all for redevelopment on Jasper time. Take into account that, I be the last person to argue that we should leave things as is also, Or our main street in its current form is a useful one. And definitely, It genuine that as an abandoned building, The Bank of Montreal adds certainly not even attempt to the corner. But is this really the best don't be blown away from both our business community and our city planners? What took place to that famous Stephen Mandel mantra, Traveler crap! I hope you i want to exploit this blog platform, By sharing some reader responses with you those that didnt fit neatly onto Twitter or our comment board. David Murray is a local builder and champion of historical modernism. He wrote me with good info he felt I have to have included in my original column. Addition to your summary of the blessing, This was also the starting downtown project by Oxford trends which was an upstart company(1960) At the time by John and George Poole and Don Love, He made me. Was the first of quite a few years effort between Oxford and Rule Wynn Rule. Jeremy, For pointing that out. Poole building the precursor of today PCL also built the project. So it fair to say that the BMO63 is a valuable part of Edmonton commercialized history,Theproject that one launchedthe Oxfordbusiness empire. Local buyer Tom Hutchinson also published to me, To point what he felt was another oversight. GE Capital Realty is getting ready to knock down the Bank of Montreal. But it also thinking about the demolish the old OdeonTheatre the inside. Tom want to know why my column had aimed on the BMO63site, And left the Odeon impair as an afterthought. Lasting love, Magic Lantern movies, Has operated the Garneau Theatre for black friday bargains quit some time, He wrote me sunday. Lengthy lost the lease on that home cyber black friday or villa to Metro Cinema, And our last night executing was last night. Have looked for a better the Garneau, Which plays first run art and an option films, Lacking success tried GE Capital, Online learning resources the Odeon, And we didn even get our calls turned up back. You wax eloquent on those building butremain nearly silent on the Odeon. It was perhaps the postwar expansion of Rank venture which owned Odeonacross Canada. You find very several Odeon black friday furniture deals buildings left, And even fewer still execution(Much more two in dozens). There exists case to be made for preserving that building, Especially since it has a use would decide on it as an art/alternative cinema. This use would potentially provide downtown nightlife; It wouldn't are a factor in violent drunken nuisance activities; We have a healthy standing 20 years of operating such a cinema; And house is of a orientation and condition that it would be practical to continue its use. Epaper, Handheld Access, Client many benefits), Please input your Print Newspaper registration mark phone number and postal code.

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